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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-21Characterization and Comparison of DSSCs Fabricated with Black Natural Dyes Extracted from Jamun, Black Plum, and BlackberrySikder, Ahmed; Ghann, William; Jani, Md Rafsun; Islam, Md Tohidul; Ahmed, Saquib; Rahman, Mohammed M.; Patwary, Md Abdul Majed; Kazi, Mohsin; Islam, Jahidul; Chowdhury, Faisal I.; Yousuf, Mohammad A.; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Shariare, Mohammad Hossain; Uddin, Jamal
2009-05Characterization of metal-carbon nanotube composites prepared by electrostatic interactionOh, Weontae; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Ko, Chang Hyun; Bae, Jong-Seong
2022-02-17Cobalt Oxide Nanorod-Modified GCE as Sensitive Electrodes for Simultaneous Detection of Hydroquinone and CatecholSultana, Nasrin; Shawon, Sanjay Datta; Nayem, S. M. Abu; Hasan, Md. Mahedi; Islam, Tamanna; Shah, Syed Shaheen; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Aziz, Md. Abdul; Ahammad, A. J. Saleh
2009-03-20Comparison of some gold/carbon nanotube composites prepared by control of electrostatic interactionRabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Ko, Chang Hyun; Bae, Jong-Seong; Yeum, Jeong Hyun; Kim, Il Soo; Oh, Weontae
2021-02-25Dye-sensitized solar cell with plasmonic gold nanoparticles modified photoanodeKabir, Daiyaan; Forhad, Taseen; Ghann, William; Richards, Balvin; Rahman, Mohammed M.; Uddin, Md. Nizam; Rakib, Md. Refat J.; Shariare, Mohammad Hossain; Chowdhury, Faisal I.; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Bahadur, Newaz M.; Uddin, Jamal
2020-09-30Effect on Human Health by Residues of Commonly Used Pesticides in Vegetables CultivationKhalil, Farzana; Maruf, Maliyat Tarannum; Islam, Mohammad Tariqul; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Ahmed, S. Mosaddeq
2020-09-30Effect on human health by residues of commonly used pesticides in vegetables cultivationKhalil, Farzana; Maruf, Maliyat Tarannum; Islam, Mohammad Tariqul; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Ahmed, S Mosaddeq
2023-03-31Porous Hybrid Electrode Materials for High Energy Density Li-Ion and Li-S BatteriesIslam, Saiful; Khanom, Mahbuba; Al-Amin, Md.; Ahmed, S. Mosaddeq; Khalil, Farzana; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Islam, Mahammad Tariqul; Jamil, Md. A. R.
2022-07-11A Review on Potential Electrochemical Point-of-Care Tests Targeting Pandemic Infectious Disease Detection: Covid-19 as a ReferenceBiswas, Gokul Chandra; Choudhury, Swapnila; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Das, Jagotamoy
2022-03-28Sensitivity Control of Hydroquinone and Catechol at Poly(Brilliant Cresyl Blue)-Modified GCE by Varying Activation Conditions of the GCE: An Experimental and Computational StudyFaraezi, Sharifa; Khan, Md Sharif; Monira, Ferzana Zaman; Mamun, Abdullah Al; Akter, Tania; Mamun, Mohammad Al; Rabbani, Mohammad Mahbub; Uddin, Jamal; Ahammad, A. J. Saleh