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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04An Ontology based Framework for E-Government Regulatory Requirements ComplianceHasan, M. Mahmudul; Anagnostopoulos, Dimosthenis; Kousiouris, George; Stamati, Teta; Loucopoulos, Peri; Nikolaidou, Mara
2019-01University-government collaboration for the generation and commercialization of new knowledge for use in industryAbbas, Asad; Avdic, Anders; Xiaobao, Peng; Hasan, M. Mahmudul; Ming, Wan
2018-12-14Using Archived Comments on Learning Videos as a Resource for Question AnsweringBillah, MD Masum; Hecking, Dr. Tobias; Hoppe, Prof Dr. Ulrich
2017-03Regulatory Requirements Compliance in e-Government System Development: an Ontology FrameworkHasan, M. Mahmudul; Aganostopoulos, Dimosthenis; Loucopoulos, Pericles; Nikolaidou, Mara
2015-12Regulatory requirements compliance in e-Government service developmentHasan, M. Mahmudul; Loucopoulos, Pericles; Anagnostopoulos, Dimosthenis; Nikolaidou, Mara
2016-10Regulatory Requirements Compliance in Requirements Engineering: A Systematic Classification and AnalysisHasan, M. Mahmudul
2014-06Classification and Qualitative Analysis of Non-Functional Requirements ApproachesHasan, M. Mahmudul; Loucopoulos, Pericles; Nikolaidou, Mara
2015-05ICTD systems development: analysis of requirements elicitation approachesHasan, M. Mahmudul
2015-07Implication of Requirements Engineering in ICT4D Project DevelopmentHasan, M. Mahmudul
2015-01E-Government Service Research Development: A Literature ReviewHasan, M. Mahmudul