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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-08-25Voltage-Oriented Control-Based Three-Phase, Three-Leg Bidirectional AC–DC Converter with Improved Power Quality for MicrogridsTasnim, Moshammed Nishat; Ahmed, Tofael; Dorothi, Monjila Afrin; Ahmad, Shameem; Shafiullah, GM; Ferdous, SM; Mekhilef, Saad
2022-08-30Genetic Algorithm-Optimized Adaptive Network Fuzzy Inference System-Based VSG Controller for Sustainable Operation of Distribution SystemOthman, Mohd Hanif; Mokhlis, Hazlie; Mubin, Marizan; Aziz, Nur Fadilah Ab; Mohamad, Hasmaini; Ahmad, Shameem; Mansor, Nurulafiqah Nadzirah
2023-01-01A hybrid machine learning method with explicit time encoding for improved Malaysian photovoltaic power predictionMubarak, Hamza; Hammoudeh, Ahmad; Ahmad, Shameem; Abdellatif, Abdallah; Mekhilef, Saad; Mokhlis, Hazlie; Dupont, Stéphane
2023-02-23Multi-Objective-Based Charging and Discharging Coordination of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Integrating Capacitor and OLTCIslam, Junaid Bin Fakhrul; Rahman, Mir Toufikur; Ahmad, Shameem; Ahmed, Tofael; Shafiullah, GM; Mokhlis, Hazlie; Othman, Mohamadariff; Mohamad, Hasmaini
2023-10-12Direct Power Control Based on Point of Common Coupling Voltage Modulation for Grid-Tied AC Microgrid PV InverterAhmad, Shameem; Jhuma, Umme Kulsum; Karimi, Mazaher; Pourdaryaei, Alireza; Mekhilef, Saad; Mokhlis, Hazlie; Kauhaniemi, Kimmo
2023-05-13Point of Common Coupling Voltage Modulated Direct Power Control of Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Inverter for AC Microgrid ApplicationAhmad, Shameem; Mubarak, Hamza; Jhuma, Umme Kulsum; Ahmed, Tofael; Mekhilef, Saad; Mokhlis, Hazlie
2022-09-05Forecasting photovoltaic power generation with a stacking ensemble modelAbdellatif, Abdallah; Mubarak, Hamza; Ahmad, Shameem; Ahmed, Tofael; Shafiullah, GM; Hammoudeh, Ahmad; Abdellatef, Hamdan; Rahman, MM
2022-10-08A Novel Approach for Secure Hybrid Islanding Detection Considering the Dynamic Behavior of Power and Load in Electrical Distribution NetworksJhuma, Umme Kulsum; Ahmad, Shameem; Ahmed, Tofael
2022-04-05Hybrid islanding detection technique for distribution network considering the dynamic behavior of power and loadJhuma, Umme Kulsum; Mekhilef, Saad; Mubin, Marizan; Ahmad, Shameem; Rawa, Muhyaddin; Alturki, Yusuf
2022-03-29A Review on Global Emissions by E-Products Based Waste: Technical Management for Reduced Effects and Achieving Sustainable Development GoalsGhosh, Bablu K; Mekhilef, Saad; Ahmad, Shameem; Ghosh, Swapan K