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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-30Impact of COVID-19 on Academic and Psychological aspects of Undergraduate Students in Bangladesh: A Case StudyAhmmed, Md. Mortuza; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Bhowmik, Abhijit; Siddiqua, Ayesha
2018-10-16Discriminating Patients Suffering from Non-Communicable Diseases: A Case Study Among Bangladeshi AdultsBhuyan, K.C; Ahmmed, Md. Mortuza; Fardus, Jannatul
2018-07-19A Study on Identification of Socioeconomic Variables Associated with Non-Communicable Diseases Among Bangladeshi AdultsAhmmed, Md. Mortuza; Bhuyan, K.C.; Fardus, Jannatul
2017Factors Associated with Safe Delivery Practice in BangladeshAhmmed, Md. Mortuza
2020-01-06Socioeconomic factors associated with overweight and obesity: A case study among adult people of BangladeshBhuyan, K.C; Ahmmed, Md. Mortuza; Fardus, Jannatul
2019The Impact of Internet on the Youth LeadershipAhmmed, Md. Mortuza; Salim, Zahir Raihan
2021-02-174P Model for Dynamic Prediction of COVID-19: a Statistical and Machine Learning ApproachHasan, Khandaker Tabin; Rahman, M. Mostafizur; Ahmmed, Md. Mortuza; Chowdhury, Anjir Ahmed; Islam, Mohammad Khairul
2020-10Disparities in Maternal and Newborn Health Interventions in Bangladesh: Evidence from the latest Demographic and Health SurveyAhmmed, Md. Mortuza; Anee, Shumaya Aziz; Babu, Md. Ashraful; Salim, Zahir Rayhan; Babu, Md. Shohel; Ahmad, Jamee; Darda, Dr. Md. Abud
2020-02Depression and Associated Factors among Undergraduate Students of Private Universities in Bangladesh: A Cross-sectional StudyAhmmed, Md. Mortuza; Babu, Md. Ashraful; Salim, Zahir Rayhan
2019-06-30Green Supply Chain Management Practices by Superstores in Bangladesh: A Case Study in DhakaSalim, Zahir Raihan; Ahmmed, Md. Mortuza; Hossain, Md. Shahadat; Tusar, Abu Syef Md