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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-28Design, Simulation and Implementation of a Digital Pulse Oxygen Saturation Measurement Meter using Arduino MicrocontrollerBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Sarder, Md. Refat
2021-10-31Designing, Implementing, and Testing of a Microcontroller and IoT-based Pulse Oximeter DeviceBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Sheikh, Mashuk
2011-01-11Design and Manufacturing of a Low-Cost Synchronous Motor-Generator for Electrical Machine LaboratoryBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Das, Debashish; Islam, Rafiqul
2011-01-11Design and Implementation of a Remote Sensing Electricity Supply Control for Industrial ApplicationsBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Das, Debashish
2010-06-02Microcontroller based Automatic Traffic Light Control System DesignBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Rabby, Md. Anayet; Tarik, Md. Mostayanul Gofur
2010-06-02PLC based Automatic Railway Gate Control SystemBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Kabir, Md. Ahasanol
2012-12-01Microcontroller Based DC Motor Speed Control Using PWM TechniqueRussell, Md. Kamruzzaman; Bhuyan, Muhibul Haque
2017-04-20Design and Development of a Microcontroller Based Automatic Blood Flow Monitoring and Controlling SystemAli, Md. Suman; Bhuyan, Muhibul Haque
2011-01-11Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller Based Elevator Control SystemsBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Haque, Md. Maidul; Rauf, M. Abdur; Khan, Md. Mazharul Islam
2010-01-11Development of an Automatic Traffic Signal Control System Using PLCBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Kabir, Md. Ahasanol; Rahman, Md. Arifur; Mamun, Abdullah Al