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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-30Primary frequency control of large-scale PV-connected multi-machine power system using battery energy storage systemRahman, S. M. Imrat; Hazari, Md. Rifat; Hani, Sumaiya Umme; Pathik, Bishwajit Banik; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul; Mahfuz, Asif; Alam, Mohammad Khurshed; Hassan, Md. Kamrul
2021-10-08Transient Stability Enhancement of a Grid-Connected Large-Scale PV System Using Fuzzy Logic ControllerHazari, Md. Rifat; Jahan, Effat; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul; Das, Narottam
2021-12-30Fault Ride-Through and Transient Stability Augmentation of Grid-Connected PV Station Using Virtual Synchronous GeneratorIslam, Md. Kamrul; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul; Hazari, Md. Rifat
2005-08Fuzzy-Logic-Based Self-Tuning PI Controller for Speed Control of Indirect Field-Oriented Induction Motor DriveMannan, Mohammad Abdul; Muratra, Toshiaki; Tamura, Junji
2004-05-01Minimal Order Bilinear Observer for High Performance Control of Induction Motor Taking Core Loss into AccountMannan, Mohammad Abdul; Toshiaki, Toshiaki; Tamura, Junji
2021-05-12LVRT and Stability Enhancement of Grid-Tied Wind Farm Using DFIG-Based Wind TurbineAkanto, Jannatul Mawa; Hazari, Md. Rifat; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul
2021-01-10A Robust Control Strategy to Improve Low Voltage Ride-Through of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic SystemAhmed, Abir; Hazari, Md. Rifat; Jahan, Effat; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul
2020-12-31A Robust Virtual Inertia Control of Battery Storage System to Enhance Transient Stability of Grid System including Wind FarmsSultana, Rima; Hazari, Md. Rifat; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul; Tamura, Junji
2021-05-15Design and Performance Analysis of a PV Control Scheme to Improve LVRT of Hybrid Power SystemMahmud, S. M. Istiaque; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul; Hazari, Md. Rifat
2018-11-26Stabilization of Wind Farm by Using PMSG Based Wind Generator Taking Grid Codes into ConsiderationHazari, Md. Rifat; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul; Umemura, Atsushi; Takahashi, Rion; Tamura, Junji