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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-10A Robust Control Strategy to Improve Low Voltage Ride-Through of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic SystemAhmed, Abir; Hazari, Md. Rifat; Jahan, Effat; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul
2021-09-08Design, Implementation and Analysis of a MAGLEV Wind TurbinePranto, Ariq Rahman; Aumio, Muide Muktadir; Ahammad, Mujtahid; Sarker, Anik; Parvez, Md. Shahariar; Ahmed, Abir; Hazari, Md. Rifat
2021-09-08IoT Based Power Monitoring of Solar Panel Incorporating Tracking SystemShah, Md. Masud Ali; Parvez, Md. Shahariar; Ahmed, Abir; Hazari, Md. Rifat
2021-01-05An IoT Based Smart Irrigation SystemNaeem, Md. Rezwan Hossain; Gawhar, Shadman; Adib, Md. Belawal Hoque; Sakib, Sanjid Ahmed; Ahmed, Abir; Chisty, Nafiz Ahmed
2021-01-05Design and Implementation of Assistive Robot for The Elderly and Impaired PersonHossain, Md. Yousuf; Zarif, Shahriar; Rahman, Md. Mahboobur; Ahmed, Abir; Zishan, Md. Saniat Rahman
2021-07-08Design and Implementation of Smart Old Age HomeRichard, Abdullah Al Roman; Sadman, Md. Farhad; Rahman, Istiyar; Mim, Umma Habiba; Ahmed, Abir; Zishan, Md. Saniat Rahman
2021-01-05Design and Implementation of A Human Prosthetic HandKeerthi, Pritam Saha; Mamun, Salman Al; Tonima, Raihana Alam; Shanta, Shamia Akter; Ahmed, Abir; Zishan, Md. Saniat Rahman
2018-07-01Time of Arrival (TOA) Based Radiolocation Architecture in CDMA Systems and Its Performance AnalysisAhmed, Abir; Hossain, Tamim; Ullah, Kefayet; Kabir, Md. Humayun
2021-01-05Solar Photovoltaic-Based Smart Metering SystemTajwar, Ahmed Shah Rasheed; Ahmed, Abir; Hazari, Md. Rifat; Mannan, Mohammad Abdul
2015-12-15Design And Implemantation Of A Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System Using A Super CapacitorShahriat, Sajeed Mohammad; Ahmed, Abir; Qazi, Tareq; Farabi, Sadif Khan; Zahir, Ebad