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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-28Design, Simulation and Implementation of a Digital Pulse Oxygen Saturation Measurement Meter using Arduino MicrocontrollerBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Sarder, Md. Refat
2022-02-28Study of an n-MOSFET by Designing at 100 nm and Simulating using SILVACO ATLAS SimulatorBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Islam, Md. Tariqul
2020-10-31Design and Simulation of Heartbeat Measurement System using Arduino Microcontroller in ProteusBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Hasan, Mafujul
2022-04-30Design and Simulation of a PLC and IoT-based Railway Level Crossing Gate Control and Track Monitoring System using LOGOBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Rahman, Sheikh Md. Mamunur; Tarek, Md. Tofayel
2021-10-31Design, Simulation, and Analysis of Different Operational Factors of a 4-bit Carry Look-Ahead Adder Circuit in Microwind at Several CMOS Technology NodesBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Akhtaruzzaman, Md.
2016-06-30Design and Development of PC Based Elevator Control Systems via ATmega32 MicrocontrollerMansur, Ahmed Al; Shil, Biplob Chandra; Bhuyan, Muhibul Haque
2008-12-31Investigation of Short Channel Effects Suppression in Pocket Implanted MOSFET using MEDICIBhuyan, Muhibul Haque
2007-12-31Finite State Machine Based Directional Counter Design Using VHDLBhuyan, Muhibul Haque
2005-12-31MOS device simulation using MEDICIBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Khan, Sher Shermin Azmiri
2009-01-27Linear Pocket Profile Based Threshold Voltage Model For Sub-100 nm n-MOSFET Incorporating Substrate and Drain Bias EffectsBhuyan, Muhibul Haque; Khosru, Quazi Deen Mohd